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Invictus Games Foundation join Veterans Place Pathways and People Programme

The Invictus Games Foundation has been awarded a grant by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to help partner organisations to deliver a wide variety of veterans’ mental health support services. This grant is part of the Veterans Places Pathways and People programme, announced December 2021.

In supporting the physical, social and mental health of veterans, the Invictus Games Foundation will use this grant to coordinate an ecosystem of projects across the South West of England, led by former Invictus Games competitor Naomi Adie (pictured). Via our portfolio partners and other local third sector military charities and organisations, this activity will ensure that there are connected pathways across the region that work well for veterans; support veterans to gain skills and confidence, and (non-clinical) mental well-being interventions; that there are safe places for veterans to go that connect into these pathways; and that volunteers and staff who support veterans have access to training and work closely with other organisations within veterans’ mental health pathways and information.

In announcing the new grant recipients, Melloney Poole, Chief Executive of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust said, “We are excited about the potential that these grants have to deliver real and lasting change. Through these grants, veterans with mental health needs can have better access to effective pathways of care and support in their region; and have safe places to go to access support, reduce isolation and support positive mental health. We are keen to see how the veteran led projects within these portfolios can become embedded locally. Through working together, we anticipate that the sum of the projects within a portfolio will deliver more than the organisations working separately could ever achieve.

Through the funds awarded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the Foundation will continue to support our charity partners in the UK and through regular correspondence, harness and share best practices amongst each other in the network to truly develop the most effective ecosystem of services for veterans and help spread the ‘Invictus Spirit’ to those that need it the most.

Our funded portfolio partners include: Armed Forces Community Hub (Devon), Fighting with Pride, HighGround, Mission Motorsport, On Course Foundation, The Armed Forces Equine Charity, Turn To Starboard, Walking With The Wounded- Head Start Programme and Woodland Warrior Project.

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