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“I lost my identity and my ability. Training for the Invictus Games picked me up. It’s proved to me that actually I am still worth something and I have still got drive and determination.”

Competitor, Team UK


In just five years with a small operations team headquartered in the UK and committed Host Cities, we have delivered Games in London (2014) Orlando (2016), Toronto (2017) and Sydney (2018). Since 2014, over 1400 servicemen and women have taken part from 18 nations, with over 2,500 friends and family joining them to support their recovery journey. The Invictus Games shines a spotlight on the challenges that the WIS community face and overcome. As an international organisation we are in the unique position to convene nations, organisations and experts working in the field of recovery and rehabilitation to amplify support to WIS service personnel and veterans. Our commitment to international collaboration means we can quickly build partnerships and combine resources to have a wider impact – over and above sports participation. For some, the Games is the culmination of a long road to recovery. For others, just getting to the start line has been a battle.

Through the Games and related projects we see a myriad of positive mental and physical benefits to competitors, their families and the wider community.

The core purpose of the Invictus Games has been to inspire recovery and to support rehabilitation. At our most recent Invictus Games in Sydney 2018, 90% of Competitors believed that training for and participation in the Games had improved their recovery and rehabilitation. In particular, as we see a shift in the numbers of Competitors reporting mental illness and injuries, 73% felt that participation had improved their mental health to a high/extremely high degree.

Interim research, from our four-year longitudinal study into the impact of competitive, adaptive sport on WIS personnel has also found that:

  • Invictus represents a transformative and pivotal moment in an individual’s recovery journey
  • Games participation should play a role in a personal recovery and rehabilitation programme, but it should not be the only mechanism available to support recover.
  • The ‘friends and family’ component holds a unique value both to Competitors and to families in recognising their role in recovery.

In addition 2,000 WIS personnel have joined our online Invictus Games Foundation Community (the WIS Noticeboard), providing a safe and secure space for them to access opportunities and support each other.

Since 2014 over 4,000 volunteers have contributed to the success of the Invictus Games. Most recently in Sydney 84% of volunteers found their experience extremely enjoyable.

And the public have also helped to carry the Invictus Spirit across the globe with over 300,000 spectators witnessing first-hand the incredible power of sport to inspire others. 70% of spectators at the Invictus Games in Sydney 2018 said that their understanding of the challenges faced by Competitors had increased.

In Sydney alone four million people watched the Invictus Games via our official broadcast channels.

The fifth Invictus Games will take place in The Hague in May 2020 with 500 competitors from 20 nations and 1,000 friends and family in support.

By 2024, over 3,000 WIS service personnel and veterans will have competed at an Invictus Games with over 5,000 friends and family supporting them.

As we move towards a biennial delivery model, we are developing our five-year strategy to ensure we reach more WIS individuals and the impact of the Games can be harnessed and shared.

We will:

  • Use the power of sport to develop and deliver international competitions through the Invictus Games.
  • Support initiatives internationally for WIS service personnel to regain a sense of purpose.
  • Support initiatives internationally for WIS service personnel to re-engage with and contribute to their communities
  • Curate and share best practice to foster greater international collaboration for recovery and rehabilitation